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3 Ways to Determine Fair Market Value When Selling Your Home

When selling your home on the Alpharetta real estate market, it isn’t easy to decide its value off the top of your head. If you’ve lived in the same house for years, your sentimental value may cloud what you believe should be its monetary value. Without proper research or understanding of fair market pricing, you could end up struggling in the market. 

If your property’s pricing does not match the fair market value, buyers will not want to invest. This will leave you sitting on the market for longer than you wanted, which could cost a lot of money. It also halts your ability to find your next property and begin a new stage in your life. Fortunately, you can implement strategies to ensure your property meets fair market price standards, so buyers can trust you as a credible seller who is not overinflating their home value. 

Here is how you can evaluate and determine your sale property’s fair market value:

1. Do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)

Look at other properties and their listed values on the Alpharetta market. If they share similar qualities as your property, you can gain insight into your own property’s value depending on theirs. Keep in mind that you especially will not want to list your home at a price that’s far beyond your competition. If buyers can find a property like yours at a more appealing price, they will likely opt for buying it over your own home. 

2. Have Your Home Appraised

You can conduct a home appraisal before the offer process. This will help to determine your listing price, especially for higher-value properties. Consider ordering one appraisal or multiple and finding an average value for listing your home. 

Unbiased officials will investigate your home’s condition and evaluate if you need any improvements to receive the pricing you want. They will analyze the house size, age, exterior, interior, neighborhood, public land records, tax records, and more. With all of these factors considered, their final value will be fair and legitimate.

3. Use Online Tools

There are a handful of online calculators available that can help you add all considerable qualities that will determine your general fair market value. By filling in the various sections and including important details like recent renovations and their costs, or new additions you’ve made to the home since owning it, you will be given a sum to help you with your listing. 

By considering your fair market value and choosing your appropriate listing price, you’ll end up with multiple offers on your property in no time. Buyers will appreciate your justifiable pricing, which won’t be exaggerated for the sake of excessive profits. 

For the best possible advice when evaluating and listing your home, it’s best to consult with an expert Alpharetta real estate agent. We are professionals who understand the value of our community and its beautiful properties. Our agents will ensure your sell your home at a price that buyers will like and satisfy you.

Contact our team now to sell your Alpharetta property successfully. 





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