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4 Things That Shouldn’t Be on Display in Your Alpharetta Home

When showing your Alpharetta Home as you try to sell it at some point sooner rather than later, you want to allow the prospective buyers to visualize the potential of your home. They need to feel that they and their loved ones can feel comfortable in every room of your home, turning it into the dream home that they’ve long desired. 

Decluttering your space is one of the essential selling tips because leaving any personal mementos around the place leads potential buyers to believe that you’re simply not ready to move on. The emotions are leading the way, which creates a negative impression on a buyer during the showing or open house, convincing the buyer that they should look elsewhere. Once the ‘For Sale’ sign is on the front lawn of your Alpharetta Zen home, you need to avoid displaying the following items across your home. 

Family Pictures

Any Alpharetta home is sure to have its fair share of family photos. It’s understandable that you want to have a lot of visuals of the people you value the most in your life. But, having these photos up during an open house or showing can dent your hopes of attracting potential offers that reflect your fair market value

As mentioned above, buyers need to visualize themselves in your home and feel like it’s their’s before they make a purchase. Family photos create distractions and awkward feelings for prospective buyers, giving them a sense that sellers are reluctant to sell rather than being willing to sell. Make sure you stash your favorite pictures of your children, spouse, or extended family in a drawer or somewhere else that’s out of sight.

Packed Boxes 

If you’re in the middle of moving to your new home or just want to get the packing started earlier, so you’re ready to leave the moment you close a sale, be careful where you leave your U-Haul or alternative packing boxes. By having packing boxes lying around the house, you could give the impression that you’re entertaining low offers because you have a desperation to leave. 

If you don’t have a space to store the boxes, it may be wise to invest in a temporary storage unit to keep your belongings. 

Air Fresheners 

This might seem a bit pedantic to you at first. After all, why would air fresheners put off potential buyers? As much as they make your surroundings smell nice, potential buyers will also suspect that you’re using air fresheners to hide bad smells.

Air fresheners and scent pods can also trigger allergies or put off buyers who are sensitive to strong smells. 

Pet Supplies 

Even if your home is in the cleanest possible state, you don’t want to take the risk of leaving your cat’s litter box or dog’s bowl around the house. Things like a litter box will leave odors around the house, putting off visitors. 

Store pet items in the garage during a showing to avoid this issue. And, take your pet with you when you’re having a showing too, whether for a walk or to your family member’s house for the day. 

Contact your friends at Alpharetta Zen today, and let’s get you prepared for your next showing, so you get closer to a profitable sale!

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