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4 Things to Do Before and After Closing on Your Property in Alpharetta

Contrary to popular belief, your work isn’t over just because it is the closing day of your new Alpharetta home. The story isn’t over yet, even though you’ve dealt with property disclosures, inspections, and even reports. We know there is a lot of stress, anxiety, and, most importantly, excitement involved in the process, but there are more steps you must take before and after closing on your Alpharetta home.

1. Renovate in Advance

More often than not, buyers get properties that are not entirely move-in ready. When you sign the contract of the home, you must have a vision for it, about how it should look and how you will live in it. You want to customize the property and make it your home. We recommend that if the property needs work done, don’t wait until the last moment to get it done. These things take time and as such, hire professionals for floor sanding, painting, and small fixes before you move in for real. A reliable real estate agent such as your friends at AlpharettaZen may be able to help find these resources for you.

2. Setting Up Utilities

Utilities don’t start the moment you move into the house. Yes, most utility companies offer homeowners a grace period, but that isn’t always the case. Suppose your seller is out-of-town and has canceled utilities until all dues are paid, expecting a full payment. You may find yourself without electricity or water when you are moving into your new home. It is advisable that you find out sooner than later if the grace period applies to your particular situation, and if not, you must set up utilities at the earliest.

3. Change The Locks

When moving into a new home, move with the assumption that everyone has a set of keys to your property. Real estate agents typically have the keys to the location, and the previous owners do as well. Perhaps some friends do, too! Your real estate agent’s first advice when moving into a new home will be to change out the locks as soon as possible, potentially before you inhabit the place.

4. Cleaning Crew Can Help!

Sometimes sellers don’t clean properties when they move out; it is just a fact of life. The last thing you want is to bring boxes full of your stuff on moving day and find the place in disarray. Always assume the worst, and hire a professional cleaning crew the moment you close on the property. Do this even if the seller has cleaned the place for you. You want a clean start in your new home, and this is the way to do that successfully.

Do you need help finding your new Alpharetta home? Give our trusted real estate agents at AlpharettaZen a call at the earliest. They will be able to help you navigate the real estate world to find you a property you can call home.

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