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4 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Security

No matter if you have recently purchased a new home in Alpharetta or you are preparing your home to sell, the security of your property must be a priority. There are many projects you can complete around your home that will deter unwanted guests and keep your valuables and family safe. 


Here are just four ways that you can improve your Alpharetta home’s security. 


1. Update Your Exterior Lights


Updating the lighting around your property is not only a great way to improve your home’s security but it will enhance its curb appeal as well. Replace all old and worn out light fixtures with new models. Often, these products will be brighter and more energy-efficient than your old fixtures. Plus, many of these items are easy to install, allowing you to complete the project in an afternoon. 


If your property is fairly dark, you should consider installing additional light fixtures, particularly motion-activated lights, around your property as well.


2. Install a Fence


You want to make it as difficult as possible for unwanted individuals to enter your home. A fence is one of those barriers that make your home just a little bit harder to access. Plus, there are a variety of fencing materials available, helping you choose a product that best complements the design and look of your home. 


As you choose a fencing material, consider products that enhance your home’s privacy as well such as vinyl, wood, or cement. 


3. Consider Smart Home Technology


There are all types of smart home technologies that you can install throughout your home. While many of these devices can add convenience, many others are used to enhance the security of your property. For example, you may consider installing security cameras or a full security system around your home. Other tech devices can also be used such as smart locks. This allows you to enter a code or password rather than use a traditional lock and key to enter the home. 


You may also consider installing smart home technology inside your house to control your lights. With these devices, your lights can turn on at a certain time each night. This will make your home appear occupied, even if it is not. 


4. Upgrade Your Windows


Many individuals consider replacing windows to improve their home’s energy efficiency as well as its curb appeal. However, what you may not realize is this upgrade can enhance your home’s security as well. Newer products have strong, improved locks. Older windows often do not close well, the locks do not work, or they can easily be maneuvered to allow access inside. 


Keep in mind that if you wish to replace the windows throughout your home, it can include a large upfront cost. However, you can receive up to 78% of the initial cost at resale. To help cut your costs even more, look for various rebates. These rebates can save you hundreds of dollars depending on the windows you choose and the current items in your home. 


There are several projects you can complete around your property that will increase its value, boost its curb appeal, and enhance its security. The above projects are excellent starting places.

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