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5 Home Staging Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

When selling your Alpharetta home, you want your property to make a strong impression. You want potential buyers to easily imagine themselves living in the house as they walk around. One way to do this is through home www. 


Home staging is not necessarily the cleaning, decluttering, and updating that you do before showings. It involves making the home look larger and brighter. It is creating a space that appeals to a large number of potential buyers. While there are many ways that you can stage a property, there are also many small mistakes you can make that will greatly affect your success at this task. 


Here are five staging mistakes you should avoid when selling your Alpharetta property


1. You Do Not Clear Off Counters


Crowded countertops in both your kitchen and bathrooms can make these rooms appear small. It can create a messy and decluttered appearance and will quickly turn away potential buyers. When staging, you will want to remove as many items from your countertops as possible. In the bathrooms, remove all items aside from hand washing essentials such as soap and towels. In the kitchen, strive for less than five items sitting on the counters. If you are leaving any type of appliance sitting on your countertops such as a coffee pot or microwave, make sure these items are cleaned well and are not an eyesore. 


2. You Leave Your Knick-Knacks on Display


The purpose of home staging is to help potential buyers better imagine themselves living in the home. This becomes difficult when the property is filled with unusual knick-knacks, photos, and other items that have no meaning to buyers. If your shelves are filled with these random items, it may be best to pack them up and get them out of sight. Try to stick to very neutral, trendy decor items to better connect with the majority of buyers. 


3. You Don’t Turn On Any Lights


A bright and well-lit home appears inviting. It is more welcoming than a space that is dark and dreary. To help your home appear bright and cheerful, let in as much light as possible. You can do this by turning on all lights and allowing natural sunlight into your home during showings. However, make sure that before your showings all light bulbs are working and both the interior and exterior of your windows are clean. 


4. Your Furniture is Placed Randomly Throughout a Room


It is important that potential buyers can easily move around each room. You do not want your furniture blocking major pathways or clumped together in the center of the room. Spend some time with the layout of your furniture. If you have too many items in a room, it may be best to remove some pieces. This will help keep each room appearing large and spacious. 


5. You Only Focus on the Interior of Your Property


When staging your property, you must do more than focus entirely on the interior of your home. The exterior is the first impression that potential buyers will receive of your home and it needs to be strong. Take some time to complete basic landscaping tasks such as mowing, trimming, watering, etc. You should also plant some fresh flowers to add a little color, hang a wreath on your front door, clean off or update your exterior lights, etc. All of these things are going to make the house look well maintained and more appealing to potential buyers. 


As you spend time staging your property, make sure you take your time to do it right. Walk around your property like a potential buyer and make changes accordingly so the property excites, amazes, and impresses every potential home buyer.

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