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6 Fresh Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s no wonder that spring is a favourite season for Georgians, and Alpharetta is no different. The temperature gets to perfect levels, the flowers start blooming, the birds are singing, and our neighbours are coming out or sitting on their porches waving hello.

It is no surprise that spring is also the best time of year for buying or selling your home!

Over the winter, many of us take a breather on home and yard maintenance. Then suddenly, it’s bright and warm again, and you want to freshen up. Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or just looking to start the season off on the right foot, we have some spring prep tips for you to consider. Here are 6 fresh ways to get your home ready for spring!

1. Perform General Repairs and Maintenance

Probably the most obvious first step to approaching spring clean-up in a good way is starting with some heavy-duty outdoor maintenance.

It does not often freeze in Alpharetta, but there can still be some weather damage from rain, wind, and cooler temperatures.

There may be cracks to fill or fix in the cement walkways, on flagstones, or in the wood on a porch. The windows will need a good wash and maybe some caulking and repair. The gutters should be cleaned and checked, so they do not tumble with spring showers.

2. Let the Outdoors In

After months of being cooped up and closed off, it’s time to open up all of your windows to let in the light and the breeze to air out your home. The air will help to move stale odours and dust. The sunshine has disinfectant properties, and it will shed light on which areas to target with your spring cleaning!

If you have heavy curtains on your windows to keep the cold out, consider swapping them out with a lighter colour and fabric-like linen.

3. Get Your Garden Growing

Nothing says spring like the outcropping of fresh blooms. If you have a green thumb, now is the time to rejuvenate your gardens with some weeding and planting bulbs. You can start sowing seeds indoors to transplant outside when the season is right.

But if gardening isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy a burst of greenery by purchasing new plants or buying fresh flowers around the house. Another benefit is the fragrances from fresh flowers and plants that fill the house.

4. Make a Change

Not only have we been cooped up inside more than usual in winter but also with COVID, we have been cooped up more than ever. It’s time for a change.

One of the easiest ways to make a change without spending money or going to too much effort is moving around your furniture. The perspective shift created when furniture is rearranged will cause you to look at and experience your home in a new way.

If you have a little more of a budget, then consider updating your home for spring and summer. There are many ways to update your space, whether changing the paint or the fabrics. One easy way is to rotate to spring and summer towels, tea towels, pillows, and linens.

5. Spice Up Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is either a beloved or a dreaded chore for anyone – it’s a love-hate binary where everyone has big feelings about it. The process does not have to break your back, but it can also go as deep as you like.

One great way of freshening up your home with spring cleaning is to purge your pantry and refrigerator. This starts by removing everything, cleaning the shelves and surrounding area, and organizing everything before putting it back.

If you are really set on a fresh start, you might consider tossing many things. Although, if you hate waste, you might want to put the packages that are nearly finished or that have never been used up at the front and design some interesting new dishes to use up those items.

6. Freshen up the Deck, Porch, and Outdoor Areas

Finally, spring hasn’t sprung until you can relax on the porch or enjoy your yard. Whether you are selling your home or just getting it ready for the season, it benefits both to make sure you have the right curb appeal. So freshen up the deck with a new coat of paint, power-wash the cement walkways, and clean up any debris that has gathered.

We love the springtime in Alpharetta, and it helps when you can get the most out of your home. If you are looking for an even bigger fresh start this spring, consider reaching out to Alpharetta Zen to see what else is on the market and might be perfect for you!

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