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Alpharetta Nurseries For Your Spring Landscaping

The warm weather has officially arrived and that means it is time to get outdoors and work on your home’s landscaping. Spending time outdoors and beautifying your property does not only give you a sense of ownership and is good for the soul, but it also enhances your home’s curb appeal and can increase your property value. 


When spending time in your garden and your home’s flower beds, you don’t want to visit a large box store for your plants and landscaping supplies. Rather, you should visit a local nursery. 


There are many benefits to shopping at a local store: 


  • The plants at local nurseries are expertly cared for. They receive the proper nutrients they need to survive. 
  • The flowers and plants sold are typically those that do well in the region, rather than plants that are sold across the country. 
  • You will typically receive healthier, more beautiful plants. 
  • By purchasing at a local nursery, you will not be bringing in any foreign pests to your yard. 
  • Staff members have more experience and knowledge when it comes to caring for plants and answering questions about certain products. They can often provide expert advice and better answer your questions than at a large box store. 
  • When shopping at a Alpharetta nursery, you are supporting a local business! 


In Alpharetta, there are several nurseries throughout the city, making it easy for you to find the perfect plants for your home. Here are several Alpharetta nurseries you should visit as you work on your home’s landscaping this year. 


Saul Nurseries Inc. — Located at 1280 Union Hill Road in Alpharetta.


Pike Nurseries —This business has several locations in the area. They include 5795 State Bridge Road in Alpharetta, 2955 Holcomb Bridge Road in Alpharetta, 3155 Bethany Bend in Milton, and 615 West Crossville Road in Roswell.  


Kennemore Wholesale Nursery — Located at 1175 Mullinax Road in Alpharetta.


Stovall and Company, Inc. — Located at 350 McFarland Parkways in Alpharetta. Please note this is a landscaping supply store and in addition to plants, they provide products to help with irrigation and sprinkler systems, blocks, pavers, stones, outdoor lighting, etc. 


Scottsdale Farms Garden Center — Located at 15639 Birmingham Highway, in Milton. 


In addition to purchasing your plants and gardening supplies at these local nurseries, some establishments offer various classes to help you become an expert in the garden. These classes can range from creating gorgeous flowerbeds and learning about specific types of plants to growing vegetables and proper soil care. Reach out to a local Alpharetta nursery to learn about any in-person or online training that will improve your gardening and landscaping skills.

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