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  • Boost Your Alpharetta Home Value with These DIY Home Improvement Tips

Boost Your Alpharetta Home Value with These DIY Home Improvement Tips

By conducting some home improvements, you could boost your Alpharetta property value. This is appealing if you plan on selling your property in the near or distant future. By making some fixes, you could earn high profits by putting your Alpharetta real estate on the market. 

Performing extensive home upgrades can be expensive. They could require a lot of time and money. However, there are some renovations you could perform for your safety without needing to hire professional services. Consider these tips for performing DIY home improvements around your Alpharetta home that will increase its property value:

Freshen Up Your Interior

You don’t need to take a sledgehammer to your walls. Updating your wall paint with tasteful colors makes your home appear brighter, fresher, and more open. Choose neutral wall colors so you can make your property features pop. Lighter wall colors will also help reflect natural light to add more light and make your home feel larger. 

Focus on your trimming or crown molding to add presentable framing to your walls. These are easy to paint or install on your own so that you won’t need a professional’s help. 

Replace Your Home Fixtures

Your interior fixtures impact the ambiance of your property. If they have antique qualities, your home will feel more traditional and classic. If they are minimalist, you’ll be embracing a more modern look. Update your interior fixtures to express the mood or theme you want to embody in your Alpharetta home. These changes are easy to make, as they require working with smaller accessories like light fixtures, cabinet handles or knobs, curtain rods, and other easy to replace features. 

Spruce Up Your Woodwork

If you have hardwood flooring, wooden cabinetry, and other features, take time to sand and smooth your wood finishes. Over time, the condition and appearance of wood in your home may change due to weather or temperature conditions, exposure to moisture, or typical wear and tear. Stain your wood decor to refresh its appearance and protect it so it will last longer over time. You can change the appearance of your wood by choosing darker shades or sanding it down to lighter shades. 

Enhance Your Exterior

Offer some TLC to your home exterior, too. Take a power washer to your home siding or brick to leave it sparkling clean and boost your home’s curb appeal. You can embellish your property aesthetic by painting your front door with a new shade that will leave a memorable impression for people who pass your home or potential buyers when you put your Alpharetta real estate on the market. Plant colorful plants in your garden, clean your gutters, and tidy your landscaping to make your home look fresh and new. 

Sell Your Home With AlpharettaZen Real Estate Agents

Following your DIY renovation jobs, your home could sell for a much higher price than what you originally paid. When the time comes that you choose to put your property on the Alpharetta real estate market, let an expert agent from our AlpharettaZen team help you maximize your profits. Contact a local agent today.

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