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Earn Satisfying Home Appraisal Results With These Tips

After you’ve accepted an appealing buyer’s price offer, you need to have your Alpharetta real estate property appraised before the sale becomes official. Your home appraisal will involve a subjective third-party official who will verify your property’s quality and suggest its fair market price. To maximize your home sale profits, you will want to earn a higher number or one close to your buyer’s offer.

If the appraisal value is much higher than your buyer’s offer price, you could raise the sale price. However, the appraisal could also allow your buyer to negotiate lower pricing if your designated value is lower than their offer. They may end up walking away if they learn your property’s fair market value is much lower than what was listed on the market.

To ensure you have a successful home appraisal ending with a high value assigned to your Alpharetta real estate property, try these tips:

Removing Personal Items and Clutter

One starting step to boosting your home value is clearing space inside and removing family photos and items. Your living room could be full of children’s toys, or your pet’s bed, or photo shrines on coffee tables. Your personal items and decor choices could make your home appear cluttered and smaller, which will earn a lower market value. By simply clearing your clutter to leave furniture pieces and a few lovely decor accents, your home will appear much bigger. It will likely appear more desirable with fewer family items in the rooms. 


Now is when you need to tend to that leaky sink or replace the faulty dishwasher. If your home includes malfunctioning appliances or plumbing and electrical issues, you will receive a lower property value. Invest in making all necessary repairs with the help of professionals who know what they’re doing. 

Giving Your Exterior Attention

Your appraisal will not only consider your house value but your overall property value. Your yard should be well-groomed with lush, chopped green grass, a healthy garden, and other pleasant landscaping. Take a power washer to your siding to make the home look newer and fresher. If you have any roofing damage, seek professional help to make the necessary fixes.

Transforming Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. It will make your walls look cleaner, and your home will seem more modern. Choose tasteful colors like neutral shades that will make your home interior seem brighter and more welcoming. Add wall accents like contrasting black frames or one bold art piece to make your interior visually appealing to any onlooker.

Contacting an AlpharettaZen Real Estate Agent

Your home appraisal is only one step in your home sale process. By working with an expert Alpharetta real estate agent, you can implement the best strategies to boost your home’s value for a successful home appraisal and overall sale. Your agent will work by your side to ensure you profit on your home sale and walk away from the transaction satisfied. Begin your fulfilling home sale process by contacting AlpharettaZen today. 

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