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Enhance Your Outdoor Space With These Tips

Spring is here, and warmer days are ahead. This is an exciting time with the birds chirping, people spending more time outdoors, and the sun shining. To ensure your home is ready, make sure to perform some Alpharetta yard maintenance that will boost your curb appeal if you’re selling or make you feel pride in your home. 

Preparing your yard now will also make sure it’s ready for those barbeques in the backyard, or lawn games, or just sipping sweet tea on the front deck. By following the guidelines below, you’ll have the most attractive yard on the block to draw home buyers or earn positive reviews from neighbors. 

Don’t Walk on the Grass

While your growing Spring grass may look healthy enough, it’s still vulnerable after being dormant all winter. Give your grass a chance to grow for the next while and stick to your cleared pathways. 

Not Getting Much Rain? Water Your Yard

If our Alpharetta community experiences a dry couple of weeks, make sure to keep nurturing your lawn by watering it regularly. This will prevent your yard from turning brown or patchy. 

Add Stone Accessories

If you find that grass doesn’t seem to thrive in certain parts of your yard, you could either enlist professional help or hide them. Make a stone pathway to cover the patchy grass, or include statues and other fixtures that complement your home and naturally fit your yard space. 

Include Landscaping Edging

Landscaping borders between your lawn and garden make your yard pop and more visually appealing. It will appear neater and more organized, which will be pleasing to the eye. Your fresh grass and gardens will pop more as they stand out against the landscaping edge. 

Trim and Weed Early

To make your yard and garden areas look better and grow healthier, you’ll have to clear the weeds and other debris that could impact their development. Tidy up these areas by pulling weeds, trimming or pruning plants or shrubs, etc. By removing weeds, especially from your yard in the early season, you’ll squash the issue before it worsens in warmer, sunnier weather. 

Plant New Flowers

Want to spice up your garden? Add unique pops of color by including flowers that will add color or new dynamics to your plant area. Choose vibrant tulips, roses, and other interesting plants that will make your garden look fresh and draw positive attention to your home. 

Don’t Overmow It

One common mistake that homeowners make is mowing their grass too short. This could damage the grass blades and impair their ability to grow. You’ll be left with a patchy, short lawn that won’t look as healthy or lush as you’d want. Practice proper lawn mowing to maintain your yard. 

Speak With Expert Real Estate Agents

Want to learn more about enhancing your yard aesthetic and boosting your curb appeal? Talk to our expert AlpharettaZen agents about the best Alpharetta yard maintenance tips to increase your property value, especially if you plan on selling in the near future. Our agents will work with you to prepare your home for a successful future sale so you can walk away satisfied with your profits and sale speed. 

Talk to an AlpharettaZen agent today to learn more! 

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