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Get Pampered at These Top Spas in the Alpharetta Area


Alpharetta is the ideal place to settle your roots. We are equipped with everything you need, with all the services you need to support your health and find happiness. By relocating to Alpharetta, you will have close access to beautiful scenery, satisfying your palate with exquisite dining, and treating yourself to some quality pampering. You’ll never have to look too far to find relaxation and restoration in the area. 

Within the Alpharetta region, you’ll find plenty of spas that offer delightful services that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. We value the act of self-care without needing to lift a finger. By visiting one of the elite spas in our area, you can boost your mood and your confidence, so you’ll find yourself walking through your neighborhood with a big smile. 

Find some inner peace and treat yourself by visiting one of these top spas in the Alpharetta area: 

Woodhouse Day Spa

Feel renewed at this full-service day spa. With over 70 treatments available, you can indulge and relax in this cozy setting. How about a nice cup of herbal tea and a relaxing neck towel while you wait? 

Natural Beauty Spa and Shop

Slow down and unwind at the Natural Beauty Spa. While you’re there, peruse their shop for products you can take home. With modern decor and a long list of services available, you can settle in and escape for a while.

Alpharetta LifeSpa

Feel good and look fabulous after your visit to the Alpharetta LifeSpa. With beauty services tending to hair, skin, nails, and other must-haves, you can embrace your inner glamor and carry some confidence in your step after your spa day.

In the Glow Beauty Bar

Everything you need in one place! Have all your beauty needs met in this beauty bar where you will be cared for and treated like royalty. This is the perfect spot to hit before a date night or enjoying a staycation in the area. 

Aya Medical Spa

Have you ever had the chance to visit a medical spa? Well, here’s your chance! Aya’s scientifically-proven skin treatments will leave you glowing. You’ll be in safe hands with services administered by trained professionals. 

Touch of Thai Spa

Learn about Thai spa practices at this specialized facility. Fusing ancient methods rooted in bodywork and aromatherapy with contemporary procedures, you can find high-quality treatments that will leave you refreshed and soothed.

Spas Got You Sold? Contact Our Team Now!

If this variety of medical and beauty spas have you convinced that Alpharetta is the perfect place to relocate, it’s time to start house-hunting. With a market full of beautiful properties near our city center or in the suburbs, you can find the perfect property of your dreams.

To help you navigate the real estate market, you can rely on our Alpharetta Zen real estate agents. We will share our expertise and community insights so you can choose the ideal next home that will meet your needs, including having close access to our many amazing spas. Learn more about our real estate services by contacting us today!


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