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House Types In Alpharetta: A Brief Overview

Every house has a unique design. Knowing the style of a house can enable homeowners to develop a successful plan to maintain or remodel their homes. It will also help them value and appreciate their property better. In Alpharetta, there are several home designs to choose from. Most of these house techniques were adopted from Europe and the United States. They are mostly elegant and fashionable designs suitable for married and unmarried people. When buying a house within Alpharetta, working with a professional realtor will ensure that homebuyers get a suitable home for their needs. Here are some expenses included in the closing cost of purchasing a new house. Some home types found in Alpharetta include:

Country French-Style Homes

The Country French-style architecture was recorded in North America around the 18th century. It was first sighted in the United States during the period, and the French inhabited much of the eastern parts of North America at that time. Country French-style homes are usually one-story buildings with several narrow windows. They also had steeply pitched roofs, paired shutters, half-timbered frames, and stucco walls.

Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cod homes were first discovered in 1675 and became popular in the Alpharetta area during the 1930s. They are typically one story and sometimes one and a half stories. Cape Cod homes feature wood siding and multi-pane windows. Most original Cape Cod houses lacked a finished space upstairs.

Colonial-Style Homes

The Colonial-style buildings in the Atlanta area date back to 1876. It was one of the most famous housing styles at the time. Colonial-style homes are mostly two-story buildings but could also be three-story buildings. They usually have wood facades or brick facades. They also have fireplaces for keeping warm during the winter.

Victorian Houses

Different housing styles are categorized as Victorian houses. A typical example of Victorian homes is the Queen Anne-style houses. Victorian houses were unique, romantic and full of special architectural detail. They usually had steeply pitched roofs, cutaway bay windows, and patterned shingles. They also have an asymmetrical facade with a full-width or partial front porch.

Tudor-Style Houses

Tudor-style houses have architectural characteristics connected to the Tudor dynasty in England. However, the Tudor-style homes in present-day Alpharetta are modernized homes of the late Medieval English days. Some features of the Tudor-style houses include cross gables, steeply pitched roofs, and decorative half-timbering.

Craftsman Houses

The Craftsman bungalow is a popular housing style in Canada today. They became popular in the country in 1905. After getting out of fashion, they were reintroduced in the 1930s. Some of the features of the Craftsman houses include their prominent interior woodwork like the built-in seating and shelving. They have low-pitched roofs, decorative beams, and exposed roof rafters on the exterior.

Other common house styles in the Alpharetta area include the Mediterranean-Style, Traditional Ranch, Cottage-Style and Contemporary-Style Houses. Choosing the right home in Atlanta and the Alpharetta area depends on the buyer’s knowledge of the different house designs. Thankfully, real estate experts at Alpharetta Zen can help with all house sales and purchase needs. Contact us at Alpharetta Zen today to book an appointment with one of our agents.

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