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How to Build Positive Relationships With Your New Alpharetta Neighbors

Since the pandemic, your neighborly relationships may be different than before. This is especially if you are moving into a new home in an unfamiliar neighborhood. While you may believe that the need for distancing and limiting social interactions could impair your ability to connect with neighbors, you do not need to fret. There are still many possibilities for introducing yourself and establishing positive relationships with the people in your area.

Bonding with your neighbors is important for determining how you and your family feel settled in your new home. By getting to know and trust the people in your area, you can enjoy a harmonious community feeling in your neighborhood. 

Here are some ways to help you introduce yourself and make positive first impressions on your new neighbors in a post-COVID world: 

Spend Time Outside

If you feel a little too nervous to knock on neighbors’ doors to say hello, create opportunities for organic encounters by just being outside. Work in your front yard to boost your home’s aesthetic. At the same time, your neighbors can see who the new community members are and will be more comfortable engaging in conversation when passing you doing your yard work. 

Take walks around your new area so you can break the ice with your neighbors by just passing them and smiling. Walk with the kids or any pets so your neighbors can get to know you and the family as you pass their homes. By just being outside, you’ll make yourself seen and see more of the people you’re living around.

Share Gifts

These days, it’s best to maintain a distance to protect yourself and others from potential virus spread. However, you can still introduce yourself and your family by sharing baked goods or small gifts along with a written message. Make sure to safely package your goods and keep your message friendly and short. 

Participate in Online Neighborhood Forums

Many neighborhoods will have their own online community to share news or updates. This is an easy way to stay in touch with what’s going on in your area. If you have any questions about the area, reach out to your neighbors online. Respond to other neighbor posts if you have helpful insights. 

Offer a Helping Hand

These are challenging times, and some of your neighbors may be struggling due to the circumstances around the pandemic. If you have elderly or high-risk neighbors, offer to deliver their groceries to them. If there are families in the area, offer to share games or books to help parents keep their children entertained. Do yardwork for people who may not have the time or tools to do it themselves. By being kind and supporting the people in your community, they’ll appreciate having you in the neighborhood. 

Talk to an AlpharettaZen Expert

When transitioning homes, work with a team of experts who value their community. If you are still searching for your next home, let us help you find your next dream home and neighborhood. We’ll help you find the best next place to settle your roots and live in unity with the people in your area. 

Contact us today for a new beginning.

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