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How to Prepare for a Virtual Open House

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects of the real estate industry. For some time, open houses were highly discouraged. Today, they can resume but many individuals are choosing a different option — a virtual open house. 

What is a Virtual Open House? 

A virtual open house is where individuals can view the property from the comforts of their own home. There is no risk for buyers and it limits exposure for sellers. 

There are two main types of virtual houses. These include: 

A home tour that is published with the listing. With this option, a recording of the home is created and can be accessed with the home listing. It is often available on the real estate agent’s website or another popular website. It is also a great piece of content to share on social media channels. 

A video call with multiple individuals. With this option, a time is scheduled where a real estate agent will do a complete walkthrough of the home for several individuals at once. Using video call technology, this event will give buyers the chance to see inside the home and to ask questions. 

How to Prepare My Home for a Virtual Open House 

As a seller, you may not worry that the home is in pristine condition during a virtual showing. However, buyers will still be paying close attention to the home and its condition, meaning you must take plenty of time to get the house show-ready. A few ways that you can prepare your home for a virtual open house include: 

Remove the Clutter

You want the home to appear large and open. When your home is cluttered, it is only going to create a messy appearance. Try to remove all the clutter around your home, particularly on the counters, tables, and shelves that will be easily seen from the camera. 

Make the Home Bright

You want to make the home as bright as possible to ensure buyers on the other side of the call can easily see the space. To do this, you will want to open all windows and let in plenty of natural sunlight. Turn on all lights throughout the home as well. If there are rooms that are a little dark, consider adding a few extra lamps to brighten them up. 

Don’t Forget the Cupboards and Closets

The real estate agent will likely open the closets and cupboards to show buyers the organization options that sit inside. You will want to get these areas organized and clean to give off a strong impression and to show the possibilities that lie within. 

Complete Basic Landscaping Tasks

You want the exterior of your home to shine but you don’t need to worry about every little weed. Rather, complete basic landscaping projects such as mowing the grass, planting colorful flowers, removing all landscape waste, etc. 

The more effort you put into preparing your home for a showing – no matter if it is in person or virtual — will affect how others view your property. For more tips and tricks on home staging or to learn more about the real estate market, buying and selling process, financing, and the city of Alpharetta, visit the AlpharettaZen blog.

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