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Is the Winter a Good Time to Sell My House?

house in wintertimeLooking to sell your house in the near future? The process can be intimidating, and you may find yourself constantly delaying contacting your listing agent or putting your place on the market. 

As the Georgian winter approaches, you may think you’ve found another reason to hold off selling your house until the snow melts and the sun comes back for longer hours. Fortunately, the winter won’t pose any threat to your home sale success. So take this time to join the Alpharetta real estate market. 

With these insights, you can let your winter sale hesitations subside and start your new chapter in Alpharetta.

People Are Buying in the Winter

Like you, other homeowners and house hunters are looking for some change during the wintertime. As the holidays become a time of reflection, and as the new year promotes change and growth, more people are motivated to move houses during the winter. Buyers who can afford it may look for properties to give to family members or partners. Young couples will be more likely to look for the right place to build their family thanks to the influence of the holidays and Valentine’s Day this winter. 

Less Competition on the Market

Other potential house sellers will have the same mentality as you that the winter is not a good option for selling, and therefore end up holding off until spring. This means a limited amount of options for wintertime home buyers, making your house stand out. Your chances of selling at the price you want are through the roof, as buyers have fewer house options to distract them and will compete over your house. You could make good money with more potential for competitive offers coming your way. 

Winter Aesthetics Will Make Your House a Standout

It may seem surprising hearing this, but without the worries of dried grass patches on the lawn, or dirt and leaves blowing around that leave the house in a cloud of dust, your house will look cleaner and neater with the wintertime background. The clean, white blanket of snow on the ground hides any yard flaws and demonstrates its structural integrity during this season, which is often a concern of buyers. 

Use the timing to your benefit and stage your home for the holidays. Make it warm and cozy so your potential buyers will step inside and immediately be convinced this is their new home. You can also pull some tricks to catch your buyers’ eyes from the outside in the winter. 

Get Your Fresh Start 

People spend more time in their homes as they settle indoors for the winter months. Let yourself say goodbye to your current house and find a new one to get cozy and familiar with. Finally, selling your home will bring some peace of mind and let you start a new chapter somewhere new and exciting. 

To find out more about the wintertime and year-round selling and buying market in Alpharetta and its surrounding communities, get in touch with our team of esteemed real estate agents today.

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