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Key Home Selling Tips for the Fall

Whether you’ve been struggling to offload your Alpharetta home during peak season or decided to wait until after the spring or summer to sell your home, autumn represents a unique opportunity for home sellers. The housing market, in general, isn’t showing serious signs of cooling off, representing an avenue for homeowners to get more value for their investments than they typically would during this time of year. While fall is considered as the off-season for real estate by many, it’s a potentially great time to sell. The weather conditions are more tolerable and you potentially attract a raft of home buyers desperately seeking new pastures after missing out during the peak season.

Like any time of year, selling in the fall brings its share of risks given how late it is in the year to close a deal. But, these key tips ensure your home gets the desired attention as you look to move on to a new neighborhood in Alpharetta. 

Ensure You Analyze the Market 

Understanding the type of market in your area is key before you go all-in with selling your Alpharetta residence. Your real estate agent should have a good handle on how the market is shaping up and what opportunities, if any, lie ahead. 

If it’s a seller’s market, this will be music to your ears because that shows there are many home buyers willing to purchase a home during a lack of inventory. As a result, buyers who are really willing to purchase a home will pay at or above the market value. On the contrary, if it’s a buyer’s market, there are many buyers willing to purchase, but there are more homes available to buy than there are buyers. As a result, buyers can make offers below market value. Meanwhile, if it’s a balanced market, the number of willing buyers and available homes is about the same, buyers will pay the market value.

Knowing the type of market, you’re in, thanks to the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate agent, will give you clarity on whether you’re making the right decision to sell this fall.

Get Cleaning and Inspections Done 

Ensure you clean your HVAC system so that when you need to warm up as the time gets cooler, you can do so without worrying about constricted airflow. HVAC systems can be cleaned throughout the year and, if you haven’t already, now is the time to do it.

Additionally, inspect your chimney and furnace before putting your home on the market. Have the appropriate professionals look at them so that everything is cleaned, swept, and arranged accordingly. 

Get your best broom, rake, and tools to do some vital yard work for the outdoors. Among the outdoor chores that you need to prioritize this fall include: 

  • Raking the fallen leaves
  • Removing loose sticks
  • Trimming any shrubs, bushes, and flowers
  • Removing weeds
  • Cleaning the gutters

Appropriate Decoration 

Don’t hesitate to add some appropriate fall decor to your home, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving approaching. The fall is a very colorful and intriguing period, allowing you to get more creative with your decor options. 

This could help you during staging as prospective buyers can envision being in your space once the holiday season comes around. Just be tactful and don’t overdo the decorations with too much color or exorbitant designs.

Contact an Alpharetta Zen agent today to help you elevate your chances of selling your home this fall.

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