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Staging Your Alpharetta Home for the Holidays

Home staging is not quite the same as decorating. It involves strategizing and considering the elements of the house. Depending on whether your home is older with exposed wood or modern with an open concept, your staging will comprise the best furniture, colors, decor style, and accessories to accentuate the special features and boost its appeal to onlookers. 

If you are selling your home on the Alpharetta real estate market this holiday season, now is the best time to stage. Your buyers will step into your beautifully arranged Georgian property and envision themselves celebrating in it with their own family. The holiday staging touches could be the convincing factor for them to make their offer.

To help you properly stage your home these holidays, so it’s appealing for the buyer, here are some valuable tips: 

Reuse Your Own Decorations… With Discretion

You may be accustomed to making the annual trip to the garage, basement, or attic for your holiday decor storage. Your trunks may be full of years of traditional family favorites and other items that suit your taste. It could help to sort through your own decor to save money and extra hassle.

Remember, when it comes to staging, the focus is on the buyer, not the seller. When selling, you don’t want to leave too many marks of yourself in the home, since it could be more difficult for others to picture themselves owning it.

Avoid Going Overboard

With the variety of lights, garland, tinsel, ornaments, and beyond, it’s not difficult to get overwhelmed and overload your home with too much. Avoid cluttering your home with decorations, and be selective with your approach. Choose specific color palettes that match the furniture and details in your rooms. 

Remember that your ultimate goal is not simply decorating, but highlighting your home’s special qualities with decorative cues. Don’t hide your wooden beams; instead, use one eye-catching accessory to bring your buyers’ eye to them. Add one strip of garland with candles on the top of your fireplace and leave the rest bare, so it’s featured, not covered. 

Keep It Warm

Since the temperatures have dropped, keep your house warm for viewings. Keep the space warm with the fireplace going or the heat on, so your buyers feel comfortable and will want to make your home their refuge for the chilly season. Touches of candles, blankets, warm color palettes can further emphasize this soothing, cozy holiday ambiance. 

Let Holiday Staging Help You End the Year Right

Winter is a great time to put your property on the market, especially during the holidays when you can decorate your space in an enticing, cozy way to catch your buyer’s eyes and hearts. 

By staging your home properly and seeking the help of one of our expert Alpharetta real estate agents, you’ll get your ideal offer in no time. To wrap up the year with a satisfying home sale,  contact us now


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