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Tidying an Alpharetta Home for Showings

Clearing up a home to make it presentable for public showings is crucial in order to give the impression of open spaces and comfortable living. The preparation beforehand can also be very helpful in beginning the packing process for the current residents and also helps them to let go of the house. 

Pay Special Attention to Points of High Visibility

Needless to say, visible clutter in a home on display to the public is not a good look. Home viewings are largely based on psychology and emotional impressions of the experience, which can play a huge role in potential buyers’ decisions. This can also be negatively impacted by dirty or messy spaces. Especially in key areas of the home, the space needs to look inviting and cleaned but not sterile, like it’s actually still someone’s personal abode (as it most likely is). Clearing clutter even from areas under beds and furniture, for example, is important in order to avoid giving the impression that there is a lack of open space.

Downsize Clothing

For those with a sizable wardrobe, getting rid of extra bulk is important. As closets are part of the most viewed areas of a home, they, too, need to look organized and presentable, which can be hindered by too much clothing clutter. Items of clothing that are not used very often, if at all, should either be gotten rid of or packed up neatly in order to give storage spaces throughout the home a cleaner and more spacious appearance.

Gather Up Private Documents

Another important part of decluttering is making sure one’s sensitive documents are in order. Papers like bills and vital records are, ideally, always kept stowed together and tucked away safely. However, for those that need to organize these items, this is the perfect time to do it. Most importantly, one’s private documents should not be accessible to strangers visiting a home for viewing. Additionally, organizing and storing these documents in a locked cabinet or compartment also avoids any potential clutter in drawers, etc., that visitors may peek at. 

Storage Solutions

It is essential to put pre-existing closets, cabinets, drawers, etc., to good use. This allows the current owners to go through and review unorganized items while moving them into storage, deciding what items should be thrown out. This then assists in getting ready, little by little, for the coming move. However, it is important to make sure such cabinets and cupboards themselves have fairly organized contents in the event that a visitor wants to check out their available space. For more quick solutions, having a few empty boxes or totes with lids can make a big difference. If there is not enough viable space to cleverly integrate or hide them inside, less important structures for showings, like garages and sheds, can serve as handy, temporary storage spaces. This then avoids possibly sending a message of desperation to move, which can affect offers.

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