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Top Reasons for Not Selling as an FSBO

Even in the ideal real estate markets, selling a property can be incredibly complicated. Market conditions never truly stay the same; the affordable market now can skyrocket in terms of prices overnight. Changes in population, weather, international economic conditions, and more significantly impact the housing market. So, if the thought of selling your property as an FSBO crosses your mind, leave it behind! Sure, in the short run, the idea of saving on the real estate agent’s commission may seem enticing but can damage your property’s chances on the market. 

There are individuals out there that might have the experience needed to sell without an agent, but a majority of FSBO home sales fail in the market. As such, the overall percentage of FSBO homes for sale has declined in the U.S. Take a look at some of these top reasons why you should not be selling your property as FSBO. 

Homes Don’t Sell Themselves

Most of the home sellers currently thinking of selling their properties bought them in the early 2000s. Houses may have sold within a few minutes of putting them up on the market then, but that certainly is not the case now. It is all about competition in the market now, which means that sellers, whether they are FSBO or through an agent, must work hard to make their property more appealing than the competition out there. The only difference is, it gets so much easier through a real estate agent because they have done this several times over. 

Details Matter 

If you’re already selling your property yourself, having a sign, some fliers, and online marketing just won’t cut it. While it is a good start, it is certainly not enough. As an FSBO, you may miss out on some crucial details regarding your property that could propel buyers towards purchasing the property much faster. That’s a mistake a real estate agent will not make. 

Make Nice With Buyer Agents 

Even if you have all the details down, it is still true that many buyers’ agents will not recommend FSBO homes to their clients. They will steer them away from them. So while you may be skipping paying a real estate agent’s fee, you will be losing a significant number of potential buyers. You don’t want to do that! 

Is Anybody Home!?

It is a real estate agent’s job always to answer whenever a potential buyer inquires about a property, which is a luxury you may not have with your full-time job. This makes you look bad as a seller and frustrate any potential buyers. As such, being an FSBO won’t work out unless you are always available to respond. 

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