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Top Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent Rather than to Sell or Buy Yourself

Not everyone opts to sell their properties through reliable real estate agents in the industry. They decide that they can very easily cut back on the commission fee that they would have to pay the agents and list their properties as FSBO (For Sale By Owner). It’s true that this idea can seem rather appealing because individuals end up saving a lot of money, but is it truly worth the risk?

 Let’s break it down just a little. When an individual hires a real estate agent, they have to pay a commission fee once the property is sold, typically anywhere between 5% to 6%. For a property that costs as much as $250,000, this amount can be as high as $12,000 to $15,000. And if we are being honest? What property even goes for as little as $250,000? The higher the property’s sale price, the higher the commission the real estate agent gets. 

It can very quickly become overwhelming for you if you’re new to this. Given the overall size of the fee you have to pay your real estate agent, it can seem very enticing to forego the possibility of one and do it all yourself. We suggest you don’t do that. To that effect, we have compiled a list of a few compelling reasons that may make you understand why investing your time and effort into a reliable real estate agent is worth the money you pay once your house is sold. 

Your Realtor May Not Even Show You Any FSBO Homes

If you’re dealing with a reliable real estate agent in the industry, it is likely that they know they won’t get a chance to deal with someone professional on the other end of an FSBO deal. Since the owner themselves lists the property, they will not adhere to the same rules that an agent would. It is also possible that these sellers may prefer to deal with buyers without an agent as well, which would put you at a disadvantage. As such, your real estate agent will not even make you go through any of this. You must listen to what your agent says because they know the market a lot better than you do, especially if you are a first-time buyer. 

Emotional Sales May Drag You Down

No matter how you want to look at selling and buying properties… It’s nothing more than a transaction in the grand scheme of things. We will still acknowledge that it can be incredibly emotional even though it’s a transaction. When you have a reliable real estate agent that is guiding you, they will make sure to keep you one step removed from the emotional aspect of things. You will still make all the executive decisions, but with their guidance, to avoid overpaying for a property just because your heart is set on it. 

It’s Their Job

If you have opted to sell your property as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO), it will come with its own set of pitfalls that you must be prepared for. It is likely that you have a full-time job, which means you cannot up and leave your place of work just because a potential buyer wants to see your property. What you need is experience for this kind of thing that your real estate agent possesses after doing this for many years, alongside their certifications that state they’re actually qualified to do this. It is their full-time job. As such, it is advisable to get a lockbox for your property, keep the key in, and let your real estate agent do their job to help sell your property that much faster. 

Your Agent Has a Vast Pool of Network 

No matter how vigilant you are in trying to sell your property, there are a million aspects of it that you may potentially overlook, which is something your real estate agent will not do. Why? They do this a hundred times a day, and it is second nature to them. In addition to all of this, they also have access to a vast network of real estate agents and buyers that might be interested in a property before it even has a chance to be listed on any MLS. It is only by hiring them that you can take advantage of this. 

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