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Tricks to Make Your Property Feel Bigger and Brighter

It’s scientifically proven that brighter lighting in your home can make you feel happier. Bright lighting can help you achieve higher alertness, boost your serotonin levels, regulate your sleep schedule, and combat sadness and anxiety. Better yet, a spacious home appears neater and will make you feel less constrained than if it was congested with too many items. 

So how can you make the most of your Alpharetta home experience by making it feel bigger and brighter? Not all houses will be large, open-concepts with multiple floors. Your house may have limited windows and natural light sources. That’s why it helps to learn the best strategies for optimizing your space and lighting to enhance your home living: 

Making Your Alpharetta Home More Spacious

No matter what size your home space, it’s important to find a balance of making it feel large and open while remaining cozy and personal. Consider these tricks:

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

One main reason a home may feel more congested could be because of the many household items and storage shelves on the ground. Choose vertical storage to trick the eye, making your ceilings seem higher while finding more storage to clear floor space. 

Convertible Furniture

Some furniture items are effective for expanding your space because you can adjust their sizing. Include tables with removable leaves so you can keep them in their compact form and expand them when hosting. Other options include hidden beds, sofa/chair combinations, and more. 

Vertical Wall Art

Use your wall art to make your rooms feel larger. By choosing minimalistic linear fixtures, or artworks hung at eye level to make the ceiling seem taller, you can make your home seem more open.

Brightening Your Alpharetta Home

While making your home more open helps, adding light is vital for creating a joyful, comfortable space. Here’s how you can brighten your rooms:

Light Wall Colors

Neutral or light wall colors will reflect any sunlight or artificial lighting in your home. Paint your walls with whites, creams, greys, or yellow shades to make your rooms brighter. 


If your house doesn’t have multiple large windows, using reflective surfaces like mirrors could help you make the most of whatever light is entering your home. Hang large and small mirrors on your walls, and consider including glass tables or furnishings.

Fill Your Home With Fixtures

Artificial light is also helpful for brightening your home, especially in the evening or during darker winter seasons. Include tall lamps in corners to eliminate dark spaces in your rooms and add minimalistic overhead lighting fixtures to illuminate your space. 

Find Your Next Bright and Open Alpharetta Home

Hunting for a new home in Alpharetta that you can make bright and airy? Let one of our expert real estate agents search far and wide to find your dream house in the area. Our talented AlpharettaZen team is committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals so you can settle into a new open space where you’ll feel free and happy. 

Contact our team today. 

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