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Two Ladies and a Sewing Machine

Give two young ladies a bushel basket of lemons and watch what happens.

Good friends Kim Weber, a Personal Trainer, and Cottage School’s Administrator Kim Trego are going through lots of adjustments to the Coronavirus Affair as are we all. But after just a short few days, their irrepressible American philanthropic spirits reared up! Instead of playing Chutes and Ladders or going Netflix-eyed all day, this energetic duo saw a very real need in their communities (Atlanta and Roswell) and started Mask Crafters North Fulton. Armed with lots of cloth swatches and a sewing machine, they sallied forth into the Supply Chain of citizen masks for reducing the spread of the potentially deadly contagion.

By now, at this stage of the pandemic, we’ve heard lots of stories of sacrifice and heroism. Those of us who were here during the September 11th attacks recall the poignant anecdotes of First Responders rushing into the building rather than away from them. Hundreds of stories come out of every great ordeal because there always seem to be people like the Two Kims. In their clever, inventive work-around to quarantine, just look at the good they’ve done. And in the tradition of true Roswellians, they’ve even done it with great panache!

Their first desire was to make masks for the First Lines of medical personnel: the doctors, nurses, aides, orderlies, housekeeping people as well as First Line responders such as firefighters and police officers. All these folks were working long hours in tough conditions, and, worst of all, in danger of contracting the virus themselves. So Kim & Kim made professional patterns and included a pocket to slide in an air filter, and used designer material for Pandemic Fashion. They were off and running.

Then a fly jumped into the ointment! The hospital appreciated their efforts but cloth didn’t meet the standards for hospital workers set by the CDC right here in Atlanta! Undaunted, Kim and Kim simply moved on to serve another great need – the citizens of North Fulton who need to be in the outer world for minimal events like grocery shopping, gassing the car, dropping off meals to family and friends. These beautiful Designer Masks are altruistic in themselves. They prevent the folks who wear them from infecting other people. Since we still can’t easily test ourselves for the virus, by wearing a mask we simply acknowledge that we might be an asymptomatic carrier.

So the word quickly got loose and our fine Roswell neighbors responded immediately and in great numbers, so much so that Kim & Kim now have a waiting list! Their hand-sewn, high quality masks sell for $20 plus shipping (no pickup or delivery). Moreover, all donations go straight to buying more materials for masks the ladies give away for free to front-line workers who do not require hospital standards. 

The best way to reach Kim and Kim to make inquiries and order masks is via email at They’ll reply with everything you’ll need to order.  

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