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Why a Basement Renovation To Your Alpharetta Home is a Wise Investment

Homeowners are always looking for that one area of their home to extract maximum value to ensure they get the best possible sale when it’s time to move on. While the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room are the places that are of primary importance when exploring how to optimize your Alpharetta home’s worth, the basement is a great place to invest in. The basement has a lot of potential for a lot of things as you can convert the space into an extra room or set it up as an entertainment area to host social gatherings or welcome guests whenever they come to visit. 

Plus, sprucing up your basement and giving it a more meaningful identity will make your Alpharetta home seem even bigger than it is, which benefits you when prospective buyers look to bid. The benefits your can get when investing in your basement are profound. 

You Have a More Versatile Space  

As mentioned, your basement can be transformed into a completely different space that can make it more accommodating for your family, visitors, and prospective buyers alike. 

You can turn the basement into a spare bedroom, adding a small bathroom to go with it to provide maximum convenience. If people want a space where they can chill and get away from the noise upstairs, they can head to the basement. Additionally, prospective buyers will find the prospect of an additional bedroom in the basement effective as it appears more socially engaging. 

You can also convert the basement into a home office. Working from home is a regular part of life for so many in the new normal, the convenience of a full home office setup will be attractive to working professionals looking for a new place. 

The basement can also be changed into a home gym so that people can freely work out without having to spend gym membership fees. It can even be a home bar where friends can hang out and relax; even watch their favorite game while enjoying refreshments. Basements offer the potential for added flexibility, and you can make your space feel new by transforming the lower level of your Alpharetta home. 

Renovated Basements Net You a Nice Return 

Basement renovations usually net homeowners strong returns on their investments. The average ROI for finished basements in the United States tops out within the 70-75% range, securing you thousands or tens of thousands more on your home’s value. 

Not only will converting your basement into a room or entertainment area help you capture a good return, but a good paint job to pep up the aesthetics of your basement will also help the value. While there are bigger value drivers elsewhere in your Alpharetta home, the basement gives you great value for your money and makes it more enticing on the open market. 

If you’ve completed your Alpharetta renovation and are ready to find out how much it’s worth, discover your market value today when you enter your details. Our agents will do the rest!

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