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Why Alpharetta is the Best Place for You to Live

When people think of Georgia, Atlanta understandably comes to mind. It’s one of the most buzzworthy cities in North America, let alone the United States, providing all sorts of social amenities that attract visitors at every turn. Alpharetta, however, provides a different viewpoint on the Peach State while offering some of the same perks that Atlanta and other major Georgia cities offer. 

Alpharetta is a vibrant, family-oriented town that’s affordable and offers quality neighborhoods that homeowners will be attracted to once they visit. With close to 70,000 people living in Alpharetta, you’d be moving to a place that offers you lots of perks while keeping you away from the noise and concentration in Atlanta. Alpharetta is a great place to own a home for a few reasons that will significantly enhance your lifestyle. 

Quality of Life 

Owning an Alpharetta home means you’re owning a piece of the growing ecosystem that’s evolving in the city. It’s a great neighborhood that offers you all sorts of necessary amenities that best facilitate growth for you and your family. 

The school system in Alpharetta is highly regarded, with private and public schools offering quality education programs. Some schools in the area have been cited for having some of Georgia’s highest average SAT scores. Notable schools such as Alpharetta High School and the Dekalb School of the Arts are credible institutions for people to use. 

Furthermore, Alpharetta has garnered a strong reputation. There are plenty of job opportunities throughout Alpharetta, particularly in technology. There are hundreds of tech companies and, with recent increases in the median income per capita, more jobs have become available in the area. 

While Alpharetta may not have many nightclubs and social hubs lying around, there are still some fun spots you can head to and enjoy yourself as an Alpharetta homeowner. There are always activities to do across the year in Alpharetta, including in the fall. Also, there are historical districts and places where you can learn more about how Alpharetta came to be. 


Alpharetta is a relatively affordable place to live, with healthcare and transportation costing lower than the national average. Goods and services are, by contrast, around 3% higher than the national average. But, as a whole, costs for amenities in Alpharetta are manageable. 

There are several quality neighborhoods in Alpharetta for you to visit. There is Windward, a resort-style area that consists of 44 small communities for the affluent among you. Homes in the area include amenities like golf courses, pools, and community parks.

Then, there’s Glen Abbey, which features a lot of brick-style homes. It’s a community known for a lot of swimming taking place and tennis being played given the many courts there. Alternatively, there’s Shepherd Pond, a community that consists of several single-family homes, with nearby walking, biking, and hiking spots for homeowners to frequent with their loved ones. 

The Alpharetta area is a great place to get a much-needed distraction from big city life, though parts of the area offer the same big city feel. Call one of our experienced Alpharetta agents today if you believe that this is the place for you to own a home!

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