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Why House Hunting in the Fall Works Well

The spring and summer are the most welcoming seasons for home buying because there’s so much inventory available. Most people choose to put up their homes for sales during those periods as school is out and the conditions are ideal for any renovation to take place before sales are finalized. However, the fall is a surprisingly good time to find a new Alpharetta home. 

Because it’s not the peak season for real estate, you might find more opportunities and quality in the market that’s suited to your needs. You also may have the opportunity to score more favorable rates as banks and mortgage companies may be willing to offer better deals as they experience lulls. There are a number of benefits to hunting for a new Alpharetta home in the fall. 

Attracting More Attention From Agents

Because the spring and summer are peak seasons in the real estate industry, you might be hard-pressed to find a top-quality real estate agent who will look after your unique home buying needs. Peak season means more clients and more homes to visit for real estate agents. As a result, it will be hard to attract the attention to detail you need as you try to identify the homes with the best value for money on the market. 

During September, October and November, real estate agents are usually less busy. If you’re serious about purchasing a new Alpharetta home and know what amenities you’re looking for in it, you’ll find more agents available who will go the extra mile to find you the best homes on the market. 

You Can Spot Potential Issues With the Home You’re Buying 

Another thing that the fall will reveal to you is the issues that homeowners have been hiding from potential buyers as they try to drive up the values of their respective homes. You’ll especially spot issues with the landscaping this time of year once the leaves fall off, the grass changes color and flowers start fading. You may notice things like botched exterior paint jobs, wear-and-tear on the roof and other issues that the landscaping hid for the longest time. 

By spotting these issues, you can identify any touch-ups that need to be done. The more of these issues you pick up, the more advantageous your negotiations will be. Additionally, contractors are more likely to be available during the fall, allowing you to get a quality person to make the requisite fixes. 

More Sellers Will Entertain Your Offer

The sellers that missed out on the spring and summer housing boom will be desperate to offload their homes in the fall, potentially offering their homes for more reasonable prices. Homes that didn’t sell in peak season either had price points that no one was willing to match, had trouble competing against other available homes in their neighborhood or there were issues with the property that needed to be fixed. 

With sellers pushing hard to offload their homes, it leaves you and your real estate agent in a position of strength during negotiations. 

If you’re looking to buy your dream Alpharetta home this fall, contact our Alpharetta Zen agents today and let’s get you going!

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